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Piedmont Wine, Recipes and typical products

Piedmont – Wine, Recipes and typical products
Eat well and drink better. Piemonte (Italy) grabs the tourist by the throat and entices with its offering its food and wines.
The food and wine tradition of Piemonte enjoys international fame, so much so that in restaurant rankings and in food and wine guides, the region always takes the top spots.

A success owed to the ability of the chefs, masters of mixing traditional flavors with those of nouvelle cuisine, but also to the certified quality of Piemonte products.
Land and cuisine form an inseparable union that contributes to preserving the identity of a land and its people. The wealth of typical Piemonte products allows us to taste excellent rice-based dishes, truffles, cheeses, and meats, all accompanied by a vast selection of fresh vegetables.

Each dish may also be accompanied, as well as by different types and compositions of mineral water, by dry or sweet wines, reds, roses, or whites, and always top quality.
For beer lovers, the large selection of local and microbrewery beers distributed throughout the region allows us to try top-level artisanal products.
Piedmont is a very mountainous region where hunting and fishing are commonplace. The autumn is the best time to visit here and all the tastes, smells and colours of autumn are reflected in their most famous dishes.
Wine and cheese
For traditionalists, of course, good food abounds in the Piemonte. there's Alba's celebrated white truffle, considered the best in the world. You'll find them available from September-January. Other seasons produce the Winter Black Truffle and Summer Black Truffle, the winter being the tastiest.
Piedmont is famous for red wines like Barolo, Barbera and Barbaresco, Nebbiolo ... but also for chocolate, pastries, cheeses, salami, fresh pasta, meat and more…
Typical food from Piedmont include:
Bagna Cauda: hot sauce with anchovies, olive oil and garlic.

Agnolotti al burro e salvia: envelopes with a lean meat-herb filling served with fresh sage leaves sauteed in butter and grated Parmigiano Reggiano.
Fritto misto Piemontese: this deep-fried banquet includes lamb, chicken, veal, liver, brains, sweetbreads, pig's feet, sausages, artichokes, cauliflower, zucchini, mushrooms, apples, pears, cheese, dumplings, almond biscuits, though possibilities don't stop there.

Insalata di carne cruda: finely chopped raw beef or veal marinated briefly in olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, served with salad greens or, in season, shaved truffles.

Panissa: risotto tinted with Barbera, braised with reddish borlotti beans, pork rind and salame alla douja, typical of Vercelli; paniscia of nearby Novara is subtly different.
Polenta consa: cornmeal mixed with Fontina and toma, topped with butter and grated grana.

Trota alla salvia: brook trout braised in white wine and vinegar with bay leaf and fresh sage.
In the next post the first recipe in English will be the most typical “Bagna Caoda”.
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